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Driveway Repair and Stone Sidewalk

Hi everyone! It’s Home Maintenance Masonry here with a video from a recent driveway repair and stone sidewalk project. On this home, the stone has started to pull away and split from the brick. So, as you can see, we have started chiseling the mortar out from the bottom up to the top of the arch. We are using duct tape to tape it off so that our material does not get on the limestone, which is very expensive.

At 1:35 in the video, you can see what the project looks like after we have applied the material in the space that we chiseled out earlier in the video. It is completely filled in and looks nice, clean and polished – all the way to the very top of the arch. The stone is no longer pulled away from the brick and no risk of the limestone cracking or falling off.

When it comes to your home exterior façade, brick and stone can offer a sophisticated, impressive look. With years of experience and hundreds of masonry jobs under their belt, Home Maintenance Masonry can help ensure that your home maintains its rich history by performing repairs and work that will last a lifetime. Whether you have stones pulling away from your home or some other form of stone or brickwork entirely, contact Home Maintenance Masonry for an affordable quote. 


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We take care of disposal of all waste and do a total clean up on each work site. We supply all materials and ask for no money until your job is completed. If you are selling your house, the repairs we do for you will help you sell it faster. Please file us away or bookmark this site. If you don't need our services at this time you may need us at a later date. "Small Jobs Welcome!"

Steve Reid, Owner and CEO of Home Maintenance Masonry, LLC


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