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Driveway Crack Repair and Seal Coating

We have the pleasure of working on a very beautiful home on this project. It is a decorative concrete driveway. This homeowner has a large number of cracks in his driveway. There is some deterioration where the driveway and the road meet. As we walk up the driveway, you can see all the cracks. Some are very long and wide. We will chisel all of these cracks out, fill them in with resurfacing material and smooth it out. Up near the home, there are cracks at the suspension joints. These cracks are very common due to the shifting of the ground, but Home Maintenance Masonry can fix them so that your driveway looks new again.

At around 7:25, you can see where we have started to repair the cracks. We have chiseled the cracks, blowed them out and rinsed them out. They are now ready for us to start filling them in. Once we fill them in, we will press it down, smooth it out and let it dry. We’ll come back to sponge it and then cut the lines in it since it is a decorative concrete driveway.

At about 9:12, you can now that we have already filled the cracks in with the filling material. If you look real closely, you can see the darker material – that’s where we filled the cracks in. When it dries, it will blend it very nicely. Right now, it’s a little darker because it is still wet.

At about 11:09, you will see that we are now applying the seal coat to the driveway. When it is first applied to the driveway, it is a milky white color, but it will dry clear. When it is all finished, which you can see at about 13:30, you can see a beautiful sheen and shine to the driveway. The seal coating protects the driveway and helps to keep mold and mildew off of it.

If you have a driveway that has suffered from Mother Nature over time or would like your driveway sealed, please give us a call at Home Maintenance Masonry and let us do a job like this for you so that you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful driveway once again. 


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